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Ordering items in this shop is as easy as 'abc'. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you will be done with the entire process, even for many items. To be sure you experience such ease, we have taken time to explain the process, step-by-step. It's a bit detailed, so be patient to read through, this once. It will make things much easier and save more time, going forward.

The first point is that you need to create an account for yourself to complete an order. That account keeps your personal information, saving you the trouble of re-entering them each time you buy from the shop. Your delivery address, for instance. You will also receive transaction confirmations through the email address you provide in the sign-up. So, it's a good idea to create an account right away, whether or not you're buying now. Here's the link.

Having done that, the ordering process can be reduced to these steps:

1. Choose What to Buy:
Browse through the product listings to see items you want to buy. Product name links or thumbnails (small images) will open to the product description page when clicked. That allows you to read the full product description, see larger and possibly multiple images for a better view and get details of the offer.

2. Select Into Your Cart:
Items you want to buy have to be placed in your shopping cart (virtual shopping basket). Select an item into your shopping cart by clicking the "Add this to my Cart" button, found usually at the end of the product description. Once placed in your cart, you can proceed to pay and complete the process. You may also want to continue selecting more items, before checking out. Do so by clicking the "back to shopping" button and using "add to my cart" to add more items.

3. Pay for the Product(s) in Your Cart - Check-out:
Finally, go ahead to complete the process by paying for the item(s) you are buying. This, itself, involves a few stages which we quickly explain now:

The Payment Process
  1. Initiate Checkout
    You initiate payment processing by clicking the "Go to Check-out" button. This is just as you'd do in the physical shop on your street: to pay and leave the shop, you take items you've selected to the checkout counter for machining and payment. Online, you call up the shopping cart and prompt it for check-out. How to find the button to the shopping cart will depend on where you are at that point. Possible scenarios:
    • If you have just clicked the "add-to-cart" button to add an item to your shopping cart, you will be on the "Shopping Cart" page which starts the checkout process. Just look for the "go-to-checkout" button below and click it to start check-out.
    • If you are on any other page but have already added one or more items to your shopping cart, then look through the right page-column for the 'shopping cart" link. It will show up, once you have something in your cart. Clicking it takes you to the shopping cart page, to begin checkout.
    • If you are on any other page but haven't added any item to your shopping cart, you will need to select an item to initiate checkout. When you select an item to buy, it takes you to the shopping cart page. Once there, you commence checkout by clicking the checkout button. Remember that whenever on that shopping cart page, you can return to shopping pages for more selections by clicking "back to shopping" or begin checkout by clicking "go to checkout".
  2. Account Log-in: Sign into Your Account
    Once you click the "go to checkout" button, you are prompted to log into your account or to create one if you haven't. Your log-in just requires the email address and password you created at account sign-up. Just enter them and accept to continue. If you haven't created an account earlier, the lower section of the page provides a short form to do so right away. Checkout cannot proceed unless you have a store account. So, just fill in the few required personal information, accept and proceed to next step of the 3-step checkout process. Note: we respect you privacy and strictly protect the personal information you provide.
  3. Next Step: Confirm Shipping Information
    Here you see the address you provided at sign-up, stated as your shipping (delivery) address. If it's not the address you want to ship to, use the "change address" button to specify the desired shipping address. Once done, click the "continue checkout" button.
  4. Next Step: Select Payment Method
    Here, you are just required to select a payment method. Options are:
    • Pay online using your Interswitch compatible card: ATM, Nigerian Debit Card, etc. This is our preferred option.
    • Pay by bank lodgment. Make a payment into any of our bank accounts: Richtone Technology Limited - Zenith Bank: Account 6015104189 or GTBank Account 226894239110, or Intercontinental Bank Account 0194000003395; SmartProInvesting Limited - Bank PHB Account 024102000252
    • Forward a cheque. You may choose to send us a cheque or pay it in. Note that delivery will be after the cheque has cleared.
  5. Last Step: Confirm Order
    Final process. If paying on WebPay, provide payment information and accept. If paying cash or cheque into our account, make your payment and notify us by call, SMS or email.
That's it. Once done, the responsibility shifts to us to deliver your order promptly and as made.

Note: Your Online Payment on this Site is Secure
This is a secure payment process, and here's why. Firstly, we have taken steps to provide transaction security on our site. Secondly, actual payment takes place on the Interswitch WebPay platform, where stringent security settings have been applied by Interswitch. We do not capture, process or retain your payment information as all processing on WebPay is done by Interswitch. Your payments details are therefore not available to us. Be assured, too, that both Interswitch and we understand the security concerns that you may have and have done what is technically required to provide the standard protection that is globally available. If you can use an ATM, you surely can use WebPay!
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