Why Buy From Us?

Wondering why you should buy from us? Here are sixteen (16) reasons we think you should do so:

  • Safe Shopping Assurance - It is absolutely safe to buy from us. We are a responsible company run by responsible people. We like to be judged by high standards of ethics and will go to great lengths to prove our worth. When you buy from us, no matter where you are located, you do a completely secure transaction, with a guarantee to receive what you pay for. Also see our chairman's iron-clad personal guarantee to you.
  • Uncompromising Quality Creed - We are unequivocally committed to delivering quality products to our customers. Our goal is to stand out in our service and we know it is a huge responsibility. You are assured of getting products that are of durable quality and function. Besides, we will not misrepresent the quality of any product. Our value-for-money principle will ensure you find pleasure in each item you buy from us. Here's our formal quality promise statement.
  • Tiptop Service Pledge - You get unalloyed service quality throughout your transaction, all the time. Even after, each and every time, you are sure to get that same touch of unreserved courtesy, commitment to your interests and guaranteed fair treatment. Read our full service pledge.
  • Fast Track Delivery Assurance - We know that once you make a payment, you want your product(s) as at 'yesterday'. That is why fast delivery is a major goal for us. We deliver quickly to any part of the country, using the partnership of courier agents that also understand the need to get it done speedily. In most cases, even for distant locations, delivery is achieved in a maximum of 72 hours after payment is confirmed.
  • Clear Product Identification - Obviously, buying online is not like buying offline where you physically touch and feel the item. We do the next best thing, which is to provide very clear and large images of products, coupled with detailed descriptions and, in many cases, illustrated product manuals and brochures. Our goal is to leave you in no doubt of what exactly you are buying - making it as close to "touch and feel" as possible.
  • Fair Pricing Policy - We not only want to be sure you get a fair price for what you buy, we want to stay doggedly competitive. You will find our prices reasonably competitive, for the exact quality we offer (clones may always be cheaper, but you lose money!). With us, you get more that fair value for money, each time.
  • Product Support - It's our policy to remain there for you and provide any needed support on the products you buy. Many of them also have the support backing of their manufacturers, meaning that you are never alone. If issues arise, you will find a willing ear in us.
  • Long Term Product Guarantee - Many of the products we offer, like the Omron Blood Pressure monitors or the Roche ACCU-CHEK blood glucose meters enjoy long period guarantees from the manufacturers, because of their superior quality. There is no better way to invest hard-earned money in a product than where you are sure that, baring personal misuse, you have the guarantee of free repair or replacement in case of product defect.
  • Efficient, Yet Affordable Delivery Channels - There are many reputable courier services that are, however, very expensive. To minimise delivery charges that our customers pay, without compromising the need for efficiency in delivery, we took pains to identify our current delivery partners. The outcome is safe, delivery, at the best possible rates. So, you pay less shipping cost, when you buy from us.
  • Multiple Payment Options - Notwithstanding that we have provided for online payment using your ATM or other Interswitch compatible payment card, we have still provided multiple bank accounts into which you can make payment, if that is the option you are comfortable with. So, whichever way you want to pay, you are covered.
  • Information Reservoir - Even before you buy from us or thereafter, you have a unique opportunity to get more knowledgeable about the health or other issues that may be important to you. Our site is designed to inform you while providing the products you may use to support life. Our online articles are free to use and always being updated.
  • Online Payment Security - Our online payment partner, Interswitch, is familiar with the payment security issues that are important to customers and has taken steps needed to ensure secure payment. Secure payment platforms encrypt your payment information, ensuring that they are not intercepted successfully. So, you pay securely, using the Interswitch WebPay platform provided on this site. If you can use your can at an ATM, there is no reason you can't use it on WebPay.
  • Product Range - Our online shop is designed just for you and boasts an array of personal care products, covering personal healthcare products, body and hair care products, fitness tools, nutrition packages, your baby and kids stuff, etc. We're widening the range to ensure we meet your needs.
  • We're Futuristic. - Chances are that you will buy online someday. The world is about change and you know how big CHANGE has become. If you think you can never buy online, we believe YOU CAN!. If you will ever do it, isn't now a good time to begin? You probably just need to experience it once to see how easy it can be. One way to begin is to pick a low-cost item and experiment with the process. Go on, try it even now.
  • Exclusive Opportunity - We are probably the only online shop offering you the range of products paraded here. We hope to remain in the fore of that service and invite you to take advantage. There is no doubt that there's immense benefit in making purchases sitting at your desk. You save time and even money and still save yourself a lot of hassles. Your health will benefit from less of the traumatic road traffic experiences that you are likely to endure to get to and buy from physical markets/shops. For some, it's just the easiest way to get some products that may not be available nearby.
  • Testimonials Galore - One other reason you should buy is because we have a sizable population of satisfied past customers who are happy to share the experience with others. A number has given us permission to publish their comment, though space can only permit putting out just a handful, which you can view here.

That's quite a healthy count, and obviously not exhaustive. The summary is that you have more than enough reasons to buy from our shop. That includes even your willingness to support our effort. So, please do it, whichever of these reasons or a combination thereof, that resonates with you.



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