Our Chairman's Personal

My Personal Guarantee to You

Dear Customer,

Thank you for visiting our web site, and hopefully, shopping with us. We desire that you not only buy from us, but that you keep returning to do so.

We clearly understand that we can't take it for granted that this is going to happen. We know we have to earn your trust and goodwill and on a continuing basis too. That privilege of your repeated patronage will be difficult to merit and we quite understand the challenge.

Firstly, there is the natural apprehension as to whether it would be safe to buy online. What if you receive nothing, hear nothing and find nobody, thereafter, you may ask. A justified question, that is, given the bent for scams that we find around. Proving, a priori, that we are different, is surely our tough battle, but one we are committed to fighting and winning.

Even where you overlook that point of authenticity, there will still be questions regarding whether the service would meet expectations as to quality of goods, speed of delivery, service support and all the concerns that are normal with a buying customer.

It's because I take these to be critical, make-or-mar questions that I have decided to directly address them and personally, too. . My first guarantee to you is that we are authentic, responsible and worthy of your trust. We will never disappoint on that critical aspect of integrity which is the major basis for your trust. If they have disappointed you many times before, we understand, but it can't always be so. Our society is still able to boast of some people who have character and honour. We lay claim to being part of that population, no matter how tiny you think it is.

I consequently personally guarantee to you that you are safe to shop on this site. We will never fail in our obligations to you. That includes providing products that are of good quality and worth your money, delivering to you exactly what you pay for, completely as offered by us, getting your order across to you speedily and attending the whole process with the professionalism of a quality-oriented company.

Much as we are human and not infallible, our commitment is to high ideals. We will bring that drive for excellence to bear on your dealings with us. Our genuineness of purpose will always be apparent.

Finally, we know that no volume of words here will really be sufficient proof of our intentions. Unfortunately, the only way to prove us wrong (or right) is by taking an experience drive, which amounts to taking a chance with us. That's our appeal, really: that you give that benefit of the doubt and try us out. Put us to the test as that is how to judge if this is just a mountain of empty guarantees. We can assure you that the risk is zero, because you will never be disappointed. I guarantee. I call this my iron-clad guarantee because it's absolutely firm and on my honour.

Thank you as you give us that opportunity.

        Our 100% Service Quality Guarantee

Jude Uzowulu
Chairman, Richtone Group
+234 1 720 2007
+234 805 550 2229
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