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KAB Executive Air Comfort System (ACS) is a top-grade ergonomic office chair offering advanced orthopedic support to help top executives who spend long hours sitting at work. It offers protection against back pain and body aches that could result from stress and bad seating posture. This orthopedic chair will help maximise productivity by keeping executives comfortable at work.

The KAB Executive ACS from KAB Seating, UK, offers the ultimate in seating experience, especially for long work hours. Designed for hard-working top business executives and high-ranking officials, the KAB Executive Air Comfort System features multiple inflatable air bolster bags, with control at your fingertips, making it a top choice ergonomic chair. Just touch a button and the Air comfort System's electrical pump feeds air to the support area of your choice.

That electrical system of the KAB Executive ACS is powered by a rechargeable 12 volt battery housed discretely in the backrest. Don't worry - one charge of the battery will last several months.

Designed with particular attention to criteria laid down by the British Back Pain Association for designing work chairs, the KAB Executive Air Comfort System meets the highest standard of work office comfort furnishing. It's ideal for prestige offices, company executives and 24 hour use. Here's what you get with the ACS ergonomic chair:
  • Unparalleled seating comfort and orthopedic support for your body.
  • Saves the body from the impact of long hours of sitting at work, protecting you from back pains and aches.
  • Provides an excellent seat depth with a full back support to shoulder height.
  • The Air Comfort System provides air lumbar support for body comfort, again ensuring you can do long work hours in comfort.
  • Control chamber for push-button adjustments for personal comfort.
  • Its rock & tilt synchronized mechanism gives the flexibility to position this chair as suits you.
  • Comes with an adjustable neck rest for added comfort and support
  • High grade foam and fabrics ensure ultimate comfort and durability.
  • Height and back rest angle adjustments are provided for more personal seating comfort - adjust as you like.
  • Steel frame for dependable performance for years. What's more, the company provides spares for "plug and play" maintenance.
  • The ACS comes with the quality backing of the leader in commercial seating products used by leading global companies and institutions: U.S. and British government & military departments, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, Volvo, Erickson, Lockheed Martin, Shell Oil,, Exxon, British Petroleum, Harvard University, NATO, Barclay's Bank and Yale University, etc.
  • Leading quality for strength and durability, especially in testing environments. KAB Seating specialises in the manufacture of seating for tough work situations: equipment used in mining and construction environments with intense vibration, tractors, harvesters and other agricultural equipment, long-distance trucks, buses and vehicles, demanding 24hr work environments etc. These work situations need tough, yet extremely comforting seating. KAB has provided these for decades.

The KAB Executive Air Comfort System is no run-of-the-mill chair. It's for executives, companies and institutions that truly appreciate quality and value the seating comfort of officers that work for long hours. They provide orthopedic protection to the body, saving it from the damaging impact of many hours of work. With all its powerful features, the KAB ACS doesn't come cheap, but it's truly worth the money

Body aches and back pain constitute a health problem for long-working executives and officers. KAB offers the solution.

  • Model: AirComfort System
  • Manufactured by: KAB Seating

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