Tianshi S-2000 Luxurious Blood Circulatory Massager

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The S-2000 Luxurious Blood Circulative Massager is a product of Tianshi, the wellness products company. "Tianshi designed and manufactured the Qi Massager using the fundamental principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine which identifies three key constituents of the human body - each performing different functions and stresses the need that all areas are co-ordinated to form an integrated and sustainable unit. The S2000 Qi Circulative Massager integrates acupuncture, reflex, key point stimuli and massage points on hands and feet. Plus, through different ways of using the equipment, such as standing, sitting, laying, all areas of the body can be stimulated, ensuring that the whole body can achieve the levels of co-ordination required to ensure the dynamic balance required. The Qi Massager uses vibration and massage to create a warming and stimulating effect from foot to head."

Tianshi describes the S-2000's massage systems as "the most miraculous health massage method for pathological problems".

The S2000 Qi Circulative massager is made of steel, high-density polymeric sheet, rubber, ABS plastics, copper and aluminum alloy.

  • Regulates the meridians.
  • Facilitates blood circulation.
  • Strengthens visceral function
  • Enhances the balance of internal secretion
  • Improves digestive and absorption function.
  • Dispels toxins.
  • Assists the stroke patient.
  • Tackles feelings of tiredness and stress, fatigue and aching muscles, cold feet and hands
  • Ensures more energy and the potential to look better and feel better
  • Promotes blood circulation and helps build immunity by increasing the activities of the white blood cells in the body.
  • Enjoy accelerated metabolic function, helping build your overall wellness.
  • Relax and strengthen your body after a hard day's work and all the stress that goes with it..
  • Promotes overall longevity, retarding the aging process.
  • Helpful in managing many health conditions by strengthening your body system to cope better.

  • Model: S2000 Q1
  • Shipping Weight: 14kg
  • Manufactured by: Tianshi Company

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