Tiens Luxurious Health & Longevity Machine CS-988 Massager

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When you need a deeply healing massage, whether for a pathological or physiological case, the Tianshi Blood Circulative Massager CS-988 is the massage equipment to deliver the result you want.

For balanced blood circulation that will re-invigorate your entire body system, this 'treadmill-design' massager is built to achieve that revitalising stimulation of your body system. Based on thorough research and advanced manufacturing technology, the effectiveness of the CS-988 Tianshi Massager has been proven in use. What's more, it's been shown that this blood circulative massager produces no side-effects.

When you are busy, getting the required exercise may prove difficult. What you may not realise, however, is that lack of exercise results in poor blood circulation and could lead to deteriorating health. Neurasthenia, muscular pains and various other illnesses could be what you reap.

There's good news! The Tianshi Circulative Massager CS-988 is just what you need to maintain healthy blood circulation and stave off the risks of missed exercises. This equipment will achieve effective stimulation in all parts of your body and get your body metabolism functioning properly. Check these benefits listed by the manufacturer:
  • Retards aging and increases longevity
  • Useful for weight management
  • Lowers blood pressure fast
  • Helps in chronic and acute inflammations
  • Promotes blood circulation in the blood vessels
  • Helps relax and strengthen the body after a hard day's work
  • Accelerates the metabolic process of the body and stimulates the mind
  • Promotes immunity by increasing the activities of the white blood cells
  • Useful for the managing muscular cramps, lumbago, waist pains, stroke and arthritis.
This massager is found helpful to the following health conditions: gout, stroke, arthritis, hypertension, rheumatic pains, stress, headaches/tension, obesity,atherosclerosis and other health complications.

Want to learn more? Watch this video clip on the use of the Tianshi Blood Circulative Massager CS-988.

Now, what do you think? Isn't this machine worth your money? If you're interested in total health care and longevity, you will give this massager a serious thought.

[Note: It's always better to allow a video to load fully and then replay for a smoother playback.

  • Model: CS-988
  • Manufactured by: Tianshi Company

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